Bereavement Counselling

One to one counselling and peer support group sessions (maximum of six per individual) are one of the many services offered by the Centre on receipt of a completed Referral Form per our eligibility criteria.

One To One Counselling Sessions:                                  

Thursday       10am to 1.30pm and 2.30pm to 6pm

Friday            10am to 1pm

Peer Support Groups

Bereavement can be a life changing event and for many, peer support can be a way of exploring the natural process that is grief.Everyone experiences grief differently and there is no ‘normal’ or ‘right’ way to grieve. With advice, information and support, the group hopes to offer a safe and confidential environment to talk with others and share experiences.The Drop-In Bereavement Centre would like to offer you the opportunity to join and become involved with our Womens or Mens Support groups. Funded and Supported by Awards For All - The Big Lottery Fund .  

Both the Womens and Mens Support Group programme consists of six to ten sessions held weekly.This is a rolling programme so please CONTACT the Centre to register your interest in attending the next or future programme of this support group.GP referrals and associated Health organisations accepted.

Weekly Womens Peer Support Group (maximum of 6-8 people)

Please call to register your interest for future programmes of group counselling.

Click here or details.

Weekly Mens Peer Support Group (maximum of 6-8 people) 

Please call to register your interest for future programmes of group counselling.

Click here for details  

Both 1-2-1 and Group counselling sessions are held at:

187 Grange Rd, Plaistow, London E13 0HA.

For all enquiries please click here to contact us.


The Drop In Bereavement Centre is a Registered Charity No. 1161526

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